Team Suit Order – Ohio Splash

SPLASHERS:  We have the opportunity to order team suits for the Gay Games.  We don’t have a design yet, but should soon.  If you would like a team suit, please respond to the post on Facebook giving Dan A your size. He is only trying to understand interest now & will NOT place an order yet!

For men, you can order either a brief or a euro brief. The side on the brief is 2 inches, and 1 inch on the euro brief. The cost will be approximately $35.

For women, you have the choice of a freeback, sprintback, or thinstraps. Pleae see the website for style information. The price will be approximately $56.

We are also considering getting T-Shirts with the team logo as well, if you don’t want a team suit. AND you don’t have to be going to the games in order to get a suit! Please let Dan A know ASAP. He will confirm with everyone before he places an order. has a link to sizing and other information

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