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GG9 Meet Information

NEW Information has been posted on the Gay Games swimming competition.

  1. Heat sheets will be posted on Swim Phone starting on Friday, August 1.
  2. The time changed on warm-ups & first events – we get an extra hour of sleep (yay)!
  3. Positive Check-In is required for the 800 & 1500!  If you are swimming these events, please take special note!
  4. ALL Swimmers must be accredited in order to participate & receive your badge.  SAVE TIME BY UPLOADING YOUR PHOTO NOW!
  5. Theme days are announced.  Splash can bring home several of these Рwe need some planning volunteers!

The following is a re-post from the Gay Games swimming director’s email:

Dear Gay Games Swimmers,

We are looking forward to seeing all of you in Cleveland in less than two weeks!  The pool is ready for a truly international competition with swimmers from 12 countries entered!  Here are a few important announcements:
  • Meet time change: ¬†Warm up (main pool)¬†8:00am -9:15am. ¬† Meet Start:9:30am. ¬† Our time line has allowed us to move it up! ¬†I‚Äôm sure everyone is happy¬†with the extra hour of sleep!
  • Heat Sheet/Psych /Results/ Check-In for 800 and 1500: ¬†We will be using the website Swim Phone for the heat sheets, the psych sheets, results and check-in. ¬†Meet information will be available¬†August 1st.¬†
  • Positive Check-In is required the day before you swim the 800 free and the 1500 free. ¬†To check in for the 800 and 1500, please use swim phone or see¬†the Clerk of Course.
  • Relays: ¬†Must be turned in the day before the event to the Clerk of Course or by emailing them to me in advance:¬†
  • Proof of FINA membership and team: ¬†ALL SWIMMERS MUST BRING PROOF OF 2014 FINA MEBERSHIP. ¬† Failure to do so will result in having to register with¬†USMS in order to swim. ¬†The cost to do so is 40 dollars. ¬†Please bring your proof to the pool or email it to me in advance,¬†
  • GG9 Team: ¬†Swimmers who register on site will swim for the GG9 TEAM! ¬†This will be an international team and we will be putting relays together from¬†these swimmers. ¬†All swimmers who want information on this team and the relays please contact¬†
  • Athlete accreditation check in/registration: ¬†We will have a swimming representative at the Cleveland Convention Center to help with any questions or¬†problems on¬†Thursday, Aug. 7, ¬†1pm¬†– 5pm; Friday, Aug. 8,10am – 2pm¬†and ¬†5pm -8pm; and on Saturday, Aug. 9,¬†10pm – 1pm.
  • Theme Days: ¬†New to the Gay Games. ¬†Each day of the swim meet has a theme. ¬†The swimmers who best represent that theme will win a new TYR Alliance¬†Team Backpack II! ¬†Esther Williams, our lovely announcer, will be presenting the bags and making the decisions on who wins the bags‚Ķso be nice to Esther! ¬†Themes:¬†SundayTBA;¬†Monday¬†– Best Men‚Äôs /Women‚Äôs warm up or competition suit;¬†Tuesday– heat winner from a random heat- Men/Women;¬†Wednesday¬†‚Äď Best Team¬†Cheer/Cheerleader/Team Spirit;Thursday¬†‚Äď personal best Men/Women; ¬†Friday– TBA.
  • Pink Flamingo ‚Äď Wed., Aug. 13: ¬†More than 200 ticket holders are already looking forward to Cleveland‚Äôs Pink Flamingo event. ¬†We want as many teams¬†participating as possible, whether small groups or large. ¬†Contact Andrea Wedren immediately at¬†¬†or¬†216-272-1084to join in the¬†fun. ¬†We shortened the time limit to three minutes to encourage participation. ¬†The ‚ÄúRock/Rubber/Scissors‚ÄĚ theme is simply a fun suggestion and not a¬†requirement ‚Äď your team can do whatever it wants. ¬†Participating teams are just now starting their rehearsals, and we will schedule practice time in¬†the pool each day at the conclusion of swimming. ¬†Let‚Äôs put on a good show for Gay Games 9!
See you all in a couple of weeks in Cleveland! 
Daniel Cox, Director of Swimming GG9


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