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Gay Games Tentative Relays Announced

EMU230The tentative relays for the Gay Games participants have been announced!  These relays remain PRELIMINARY pending confirmation from all swimmers.  Please send your feedback to Kha or Andrew P for updates.

Many thanks to the hours Kha put forward on this initiative, along with guidance from Dan A.

Preliminary GG9 Relays
Aggregate Age Groupings – Meters long course (50m):  72-99, 100-119, 120-159, 160-199, 200-239, 240-279, 280-319, 320-359, 360-399,…(40-year increments as high as is necessary). The aggregate age of the four relay team members shall determine the age group.

Sunday 200 Mixed Free
Group A: Olga, Eric, Don, Marcie (148)
Group B: Sophie, Jeff, Heidi, Chandler (177)

Sunday 400 Free
Group A: Dan A, Andrew A, Andrew P, Andrew B (145)
Group B: Rob Ellis, Bob Eblin, Marc, Chandler (194)

Monday 400 Mix Free
Group A: Marcie, Eric, Matt C, Sophie (129)

Monday 400 Medley
Group A: Andrew B (back), Andrew A (breast), Andrew P (fly), Matt C (free) (133)
Group B: Dan D (back), Marc (breast), Dan A (fly), Jon (free) (150)

Tuesday 200 Medley Mix
Group A: Olga (back), Heidi (breast), Chandler (fly), Don S (free) (172)

Tuesday 200 Free
Group A: Marcie, Olga, Heidi, Sophie (156)
Group B: Jon Z, Don S, Andrew A, Matt C (147)
Group C: Paul H, Elliot, Jim H, Rob Ellis (251)

Wednesday 800 Mix free: NONE

Wednesday 800 Free
Group A: Andrew P, Dan D, Dan A, Andrew B (144)

Thursday 400 Medley Mix: NONE

Thursday 200 Medley
Group A: Bob Eblin, Marc C, Dan D, Rob Ellis (191)

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