Workout for July 27, 2014 – Ohio Splash

Workout for July 27, 2014

Workout LogoTonight’s workout is courtesy of Dan A.

This was another great mid-distance set from Dan, with a variation of stroke and distance.  The total distance began to cut back a bit this week to begin tapering for the upcoming Games.  This set also focuses on both turns into/out of the wall plus starts!  Enjoy!


300 Swim
200 Kick
100 IM
200 Pull

Main Set:
8×50 FREE on :55; Fast into and out of turns…finish to the wall
1×200 PULL, breathe 3/5/3/5 by 50
8×50 CHOICE: ┬áRest = 20sec. ┬áPay attention to technique, especially on turns and finish
100 EASY
4×100 Free on 1:55
100 EASY
4×100 CHOICE, 30 sec. rest.
100 EASY
8×25 CHOICE, build to sprint by middle of pool. ┬áFinish strong!
100 EASY

Finish Up with STARTS & TURNS!


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