IGLA Championship

IGLA 2016: Splash Returns with 12 Medals

Four of our Ohio Splashers recently competed at the International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA) 2016 Championship, hosted by Making Waves Swim Club. The championship was held August 9 through 14, 2016 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In addition to swimming, the championship featured competitions in Diving and Water Polo. This year in lieu of a Synchronized Swimming competition, San Francisco Tsunami conducted a synchro-demonstration; inviting participation from fellow IGLA athletes.

IGLA 2016 Countdown

2016 IGLA Championship:  Counting Down Splash gears up to send 4 swimmers to the International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics 2016 Championship in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, just one short week away!  With 43 teams represented from 3 continents and 246 swimmers, Ohio Splash fields 23 individual entries and 2 relays.  Join with us in wishing our teammates […]

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